White City – The Pogues

Irish Songs Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. But you guys have great music.

  2. I am ..doesn’t make any difference…

  3. May I recommend the book ‘A Concise Guide To Eighties Music’ by Karl Vorderman. The author is a big fan of this track.

  4. Belgrade!

  5. beautiful x

  6. gshahsgahsgahgsgaha

  7. everytime i hear this song i want to hear it again

  8. ahhhh tel-aviv! 

  9. i wish i was irish sometimes.

  10. declan sweeney

    that closed down last year …………..they built flats in its place

  11. Well, I posted that video a couple of years before the video. I also prefer the video clip but anyway mate, who really gives a shit about who’s having the more views ? Pogues rules ! Cheers

  12. bootsmaddenable

    my freind plays this song when he try’s to get me out on the beer, works every time!

  13. walthamstow has one i think

  14. SuperDsweeney

    Well it does contain the line ” where the Paddys and the frogs, game to gamble on the dogs..” which is about the Irish and presumably the French. The tune is, of course, ” The Curragh of kildare “.

  15. Wish they’d pull down the gateshead carpark as fast  LOL

  16. theres crayford and the other i meant was Walthamstow but thats gone now to

  17. Which 3 dog tracks are left in London?
    Theres only Wimbledon and thats hanging on by its teeth!

  18. and its just another bloody rainy day

  19. i`m agree , all his lyrics are great and then………………………………
    this music and his voice make me allways shiver ! sometimes i get in my car and just listen to the pouges and i`m
    53 of age !

  20. this song makes me wana go 2 tha dog track lol. theres only like 3 left in london now and white city was the best :(

  21. harvest21021982

    the pogues are the best british showband since dickie rock

  22. I need alcohol, when this music play.

  23. Still my favourite Pogues, but there’s a heap of contenders…..