The Pogues – Tuesday Morning

Irish Music Video Rating: four / five

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  1. great song and band. thanks

  2. Duelingbanjos123

    Isn’t that the same guitarist that played in the Popes?

  3. I fuckin love spider, I love shane too but he aint got much of a voice no more.

  4. What came 1st this song or Friday by the cure they are both great songs though

  5. greska greskic

    we want the pogues in serbiaa!!!!

  6. Dirk Dierking

    Dear Am, you are right, this song is a perfectly melancholy ditty; it makes me want to drink a fifth of bourbon just to get over Spider’s pain in this song. Thanks for giving props to a great song! Cheers!

  7. jejuneraccoon

    My thoughts exactly.

  8. I know, I know, this isn’t Shane McGowan, but I just can’t bring myself to give a fuck. I ADORE this song, remember it much more clearly than most of my childhood, and it will always be one of my personal anthems. I love the Pogues in all incarnations, don’t get me wrong, but I wish people would stop dismissing this song just because it’s Spider Stacy and not Shane McGowan. This song is brilliant any way you cut it.

  9. Shite , not the pogues , only stacey and a rather good one hit wonder…..

  10. Just shows how fucking crappy this little piece of shit band is, the Letterman band that is. Makes it hardly listenable. Thanks a lot assholes!

  11. rufusthecat25

    It’s just a completely different band without Shane

  12. isellthedead13

    ? Da fuck? That’s not…

  13. Thiago Montesino

    He’s not Shane, he’s Spider Stacy. 1993 shane had already left pogues.

  14. hmmm, Spider’s the only Pogue there. 

  15. shanepealow44

    Where were the pogues?

  16. Yes it is! You say that because Shane Macgowan wasnt there?

  17. KnightOwl2006

    Good song but that aint the Pogues.

  18. Not Shane MacGowan, as the description says. This is Spider Stacy who took over after Joe Strummer, who took over after MacGowan. Easily their best “Post-MacGowan” tune though. :)

  19. omg, can barely even recognise shane, looks sooo young!

  20. Great!

  21. Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández