The Pogues – Shane MacGowan – Body of an American

Irish Music Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. youwishyouhadthischannelname

    only Shane can pull it off=half pissed and crowd singing x

  2. One of my favorite lines of all time “I’m a free born man of them USA”

  3. Up the Pogues!! In leage with Ronnie Drew & the Dubliners…Ireland

  4. Is that a bit of Field of Fire thrown in on the whistle ?

  5. stonesforever123

    what is it with everyone mentioning jimmy mcnulty. the wire was awesome and
    all that no doubt. but here people we have shane mcgowan. and his
    awesomeness overshadows jimmy mcnulty totally and completely.

  6. Jim Dwyer R.I.P. I wonder if he had a visa.

  7. Hear hear!!!

  8. My birthday in about an hour! Good night people! I won’t sleep until every
    bastard here is pissed!

  9. Yep just checked and your right for the most part, I may have been
    exaggerating with the only one Irish member bit, but McGowan is definitely
    from Kent and Cait O’Riordan was apparently born in Nigeria, I didn’t know

  10. yep indeedy i’m aquired

  11. gravmass. perfecly put. It’s a fucking joyous indulgence to be given music
    of this calibre. it’s nothing short of genius and it gets me going every

  12. In my humble opinion…one of Macgowan’s greatest triumphs. Absolutely

  13. goodstuff

  14. is shane’s nickname “lamprey mouth” on a drunk?

  15. But Ray Cole stood with us. All of us. In Baltimore. Working. Sharing a
    dark corner of the American experiment. He was called. He served. He. Is.
    Counted. Old King Cole.

  16. Saw him with the Poges on St. Pat’s Day in NYC a couple years ago. Now
    clear to die happy.

  17. @cubesolver344 If the suspense hasn’t killed you already I am sure it is by
    Fields of Fire by Big Country which would have been fairly contemporary
    with this tune.

  18. man shane mcgowan is one ugly son of a bitch but ill be damned if he isnt
    an amazing singer, and everything he sings he sings completely plastered
    which blows my mind hahahaha love the pogues, wish shane would try to keep
    himself in tact so we can have him for a bit longer hahahaha

  19. I thought this was the usual Irish emigration to the States fare but now I
    think it is the other way. An American is at a funeral wake and decides to
    go to Ireland after relatives talk about the old country.

  20. 3:22-3:32 If you’re a musician, you’ll be able to relate to this.

  21. yes sir he still is playing live with the pogues. and your correct the
    first time I see him and the pogues was in 06 and it was still amazing

  22. The wire

  23. not a word

  24. Right, my last word on this, I think I’ve got it. The song is set at the
    funeral wake of Big Jim Dwyer, an Irish American, who’s body will be
    shipped hom to Ireland, ” the shores where his fathers lay “. The singer,
    hearing ” uncles giving lectures on ancient Irish history ” decides he will
    leave ” New York city boys, Boston and PA ” and go to Ireland as well. It’s
    a nice twist by Shane on the usual Irish emigrating to America. Here, the
    narrator is going from the States to Ireland.

  25. darkfatherdivine

    I like how he forgot the words to the first chorus, and started with the
    words to the third. “Farewell to New York City boys, to Boston and PA!”