The Corrs Angel Epk

Irish Music Video Rating: four / five

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  1. 84masterboy1984

    great group !!!!!!!!!!

  2. May that 29 dislikers go straight to hell!

  3. All time Fav. “The Corrs”, esp. RUN AWAY, i wish I could see them in live concert!!! Luv them all, they r simply beautifulllll……..!

  4. MICHAŁ BAWOR – Your wish came true = – infinite space my hart = ANDREA CORR = – Thank you. – You are welcome./That’s all right – nobody else – Never again! – great love my hart = – romantic love = ANDREA CORR = I = MICHAŁ BAWOR = – to ask for forgiveness, to beg forgiveness .

  5. ANDREA CORR = ANGEL MY = YOU – to be lost in reverie, to daydream = ANDREA CORR – Your dreams will be fulfilled one day – I beg your pardon, but …/Forgive me, but … – That’s just it!/Exactly! – What’s the matter?/What’s happened? above all, above everything else – I love you more than life itself = – I share your views – How are you feeling?

  6. soffia siswasari

    ya ampun Gusti ALLOH niki sae

  7. - so you can hardly hear it untill it magically reappears at 1.15. Its that loud ‘chunky sound’ he gets from it! Love it.
    Are you sure those bits are not overdubbed and it’s the rest that’s acoustic bass? If you are then what is happening at 0.39 when the bass sounds totally different and ‘acoustic’ ? Whatever it is – that cool stop start bass riff is pure magic as of course are they.

  8. Thanks for that. I assume that’s the guy we first see at 1.23 and a few times later but never his face. There are two guys with blue shirts. I am familiar with Keith Duffy – but I thought that was the guy to right of Jim. So what’s his name just strumming an acoustic?
    I must say – that wonderful thick ’slap’ bassy riff that he plays at beginning – 0.4, 0.11, 0.19, 0.26, 0.34 sounds electric- it’s so full and loud but then from 0.39 fades right back in the mix (listen on headphones) >

  9. His name is Keith Duffy … and it is a 4 string acoustic bass guitar that he is shown playing in the video … a different one from the one he used in the “Unplugged” concert!

  10. i wish that i live in ireland.

  11. i love this song. is very precious!!! :)

  12. We don’t get to see the person playing that fantastic chunky electric stop-start bass. – think it may gave been overdubbed (because its not acoustic)

  13. Hellawes – Peggy Gordon watch?v=9qJOU3amzR0 BEST VERSION

  14. Rebeca Villasante

    Me encanta The Corrs!!! cracks :)

  15. michaela ludvikova

    I am looking for an irish guy … I love Ireland and I would like to move there from London …

  16. Im irish too, and i love Corrs.

  17. i am irish..

  18. ThePotCallingKettle

    So powerful.

  19. where did u go in Ireland whilst u visited twice?! 

  20. i bin to ireland two time! i love it. i am thinking about moving there!

  21. Come to Ireland!!!!

  22. I love the Corrs!! im so proud to be Irish! :)

  23. Yes, I am.

  24. Yes, I am.